Damage done to newly paved road in Blades

By Catherine Shufelt

Blades Town Council member Russell Joseph reported that several of the town's paving projects have been completed. Projects on Third Street and Sixth Street, among others have been completed as have several drainage projects in some of the same areas.

Joseph reported that there is no more money in the budget for additional paving or drainage projects at this time, but he will be speaking to local state representatives to find out if more state funding could be made available to the town for additional projects.

Two days after one paving project was completed on Third Street, a truck damaged the newly paved street. Town officials met with the paving company that had worked on the paving projects and were told by the paving company that the damage is repairable. The town will hold the company the truck belongs to responsible for a period of six months or so in order to make sure the damages can be fully repaired.

Parks and Cemeteries Commissioner David Ruff reported that new signs will go up at cemeteries in the town and fencing will be replaced after several trees are removed. Council members discussed purchasing two new flag poles for the town in order to have three flag poles, one for the American flag, one for the Delaware State flag, and one for the Blades town flag. The town would need approximately $600 for the project.

Police Commissioner Earle Chaffinch Sr. reported that Corporal Nigel Golding has completed his tour of duty in Afghanistan and will return to work full-time for the Blades Police Department on July 1. He also reported that the Delaware State Police, along with local police officers, will be increasing their patrols in order to heir cell phones while they are driving. The state has received money to pay for the increased patrols.

The Blades Police Department and Blades Code Enforcement Officer, Marcus Trammell, will be working to make residents aware that basketball nets are not allowed on town streets.

The town is also looking into reports of dogs that are being allowed to run loose in town. Several dogs have been seen running loose and Delaware State leash laws state that "No dog shall be permitted to run at large at any time, unless the dog is accompanied by the owner or custodian and under the owner's or custodian's reasonable control and is licensed in accordance with County ordinances" (http://delcode.delaware.gov/sessionlaws/ga145/chp428.shtml)The town wants to remind residents that they are responsible for taking care of their pets at all times and that they can be fined by animal control officers for not doing so.

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