PATS Aircraft celebrates 150th system installation

Employees and friends of PATS Aircraft Systems were treated to a lunch last Friday to celebrate the a milestone in the company's history.

PATS Aircraft Systems is celebrating the 150th PATS' Auxiliary Fuel System (AFS) installation on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

The milestone AFS was installed at the PATS Georgetown facility and was delivered in a 7 tank configuration, adding an additional 3,368 gallons of fuel and extending the potential range of the aircraft to over 5,900 nm.

That extra fuel capacity enabled the jet, which was manufactured by Boeing Business Jet for Samsung Electronics, to set a new world record for flight distance for this type of aircraft.

Later on Friday the jet took off for Los Angeles and then was to set the world record by flying to New Zealand.

As with all PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems, the AFS feeds the aircraft's integral fuel tank and operates independently, allowing the system to be active or inactive based upon mission requirements.

Since the launch of BBJ in 1996, PATS has provided the AFS for every single aisle BBJ model. PATS' Auxiliary Fuel Systems are synonymous with the BBJ and are also gaining popularity in both commercial and special mission markets.

Comments PATS' CEO John Martin: "As PATS reaches this significant performance milestone, we salute our friends and partners at BBJ for having the vision and drive to create a distinctly capable business tool which serves a unique market requirement. PATS has earned a Gold Supplier rating with Boeing for both delivery and quality and we intend to continue our performance in support of the next 150 BBJs and beyond."

PATS Aircraft Systems is an industry leading supplier of Auxiliary Fuel Systems (AFS) applications, Aerospace Component Manufacturing (including the Hollingsead International product line) and VIP executive aircraft maintenance, modification and executive interior completions services.

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