Seaford employee health care premiums increase

By Lynn R. Parks

Employees of the city of Seaford will have to pay more for their health insurance, under a plan approved by the city council. The increases are part of the city's effort to control its costs of health care, city manager Dolores Slatcher said.

Beginning next month, a single employee will pay $11.24 a week for insurance, up from $7.97.

An employee with children will pay $62.63 a week, up from $44.04, and an employee with a spouse and children will pay $97.68 a week, up from $71.22.

All of these represent about a 40-percent hike in employee costs.

The city will still pay the larger portion of employees' premiums. The monthly premium for an employee is $811. For an employee with children, the monthly premium is $1,486.

And for an employee with a spouse and children, the monthly premium is $1,946.

The city council accepted the recommendation of the city's Employee Benefit Committee to purchase coverage from Unimerica, the city's current provider.

The city buys insurance through the Integra Administrative Group, Seaford, which manages insurance for large groups. In a memo to the council, the committee said that it had considered options from several providers.

Coverage through the city plan will remain the same, except for the amount that employees will have to pay when they use the emergency room. That co-pay amount will increase from $100 to $150.

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