Referendum committee work completed

By Lynn R. Parks

On Monday night, the committee that the Seaford School District put together to lead its efforts to get a tax hike referendum passed met for the last time. School board president Mike Smith told committee members that his biggest fear is that apathy in the community will keep people from the polls.

You cant make people concerned, he said. Theres no magic pill for that. The only thing that I worry about is that people wont feel the need to vote.

Interim superintendent Kevin Carson agreed. We havent made this a hit-them-over-the-head referendum, he said. We have presented the facts as they are and let the referendum stand on its own merits. Maybe the community doesnt feel the urgency.

That doesnt mean, though, that the districts need isnt real, Smith added. Even if this referendum passes, we may still have to make cuts, depending on how the state budget turns out, he said. Everybody is fighting for a little piece of the pie.

Smith praised the district for its transparency throughout the referendum process. Weve been very upfront about where our money is going, and laid out a pretty clear path of how we will use these funds, he said.

Both committee chairmen, David Tull and Donald Tricarico, said that they feel pretty positive about the outcome of todays referendum. Even if my daughter wasnt a student in the district, Id vote for this referendum, Tricarico said. This isnt just about one student. Its about supporting the community where I live. I have no problem supporting something like this, and pretty much everybody I talk to agrees with that.

I think that weve accomplished a lot in the last few weeks, Tull added. And I think that a lot of people are very positive about the referendum. Im looking forward to a great day on Thursday.

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