Seaford Council selects new member

By Lynn R. Parks

The Seaford City Council has selected a newcomer to city politics to fill its vacant fifth seat. Delmar native Orlando Holland, who has lived in the city for three years, will be sworn into his seat at the next council meeting, June 10.

He will serve out the one year remaining of the term of David Genshaw, who was elected to the council two years ago and who was elected as mayor in April.

Holland lives on Nylon Boulevard and works at Trinity Logistics, Seaford. He is unmarried and has one daughter, a student at Virginia Union University, Richmond.

At the last meeting, May 13, Genshaw asked the council members to think about whether they wanted to appoint someone to fill his seat, or whether they preferred to have him serve as both mayor and councilman.

The city charter allows the council to make that decision, and then to appoint someone if it wants.

Tuesday night, the council voted unanimously to fill the seat. Then Councilwoman Leanne Phillips-Lowe made the motion that Holland be appointed to finish Genshaw's term. No other candidate was mentioned.

Phillips-Lowe's motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Following the meeting, Holland said that there aren't any particular issues that he wants to see addressed by the city. "I'm still learning about how everything works," he said. "I've attended a couple of meetings and I want to get involved."

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