Woodbridge salutes the sportsmanship winners

By Rebecca J. Davis

Woodbridge's High School varsity field hockey team and the middle school football team were special guests at the Woodbridge School Board meeting in November.

The two teams were winners of the DIAA Sportsmanship award and were recognized by the school board, each player receiving a Superintendent Award certificate.

The middle school has won the award for the sixth year in a row and the high school has won the award for the fourth year in a row. The DIAA Sportsmanship award is about doing the right thing at the right time, Kevin Charles from the DIAA stated.

The DIAA Sportsmanship award motivates the students and I am excited to recognize the two teams tonight, Superintendent Heath Chasnov said.

The board also listened to the Foundations of College Math Course report presented by District Math Specialist Kelly Duncan.

According to Duncan, the program was created to help college bound seniors enter credit math courses instead of having to be placed into remedial math classes. Duncan stated that 53 percent of students who enter Delaware colleges need to take remedial math and only 24 percent go on to graduate with a BA.

We need to be proactive, Duncan said. The program includes classes on statistics, algebra and geometry and there are currently 20 students in the program. Woodbridge varsity wrestling coach Jenna Day said that, I've seen great growth in vocabulary [from the students in the program]. Motivation and desire has risen and the math concepts are connected with every day life. We're digging deeper and it's been a positive experience.

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