Founder of Trinity Logistics publishes book about his life

By Lynn R. Parks

Trinity Logistics, a freight-management company with its headquarters in Seaford, was born out of a desire to bring happiness to a family. It has grown based on Christian faith and on the unshakeable belief that God is overseeing its progress.

That is the message that founder Ed Banning wanted to present in his book, "A Family, a FirmDedicated to the Glory of God," just published.

He also wanted to preserve that message so that children of the future will understand their grandfather and the company that he started.

Banning, 76, founded the company, then called Trinity Transport, in 1979. While he was already employed with the Tri-State Trucking Company and was earning a good living, his wife, Deana, was ill.

She asked him if he would be interested in starting his own company, someplace where she could work and where they could be together during the day. He replied that they could both pray on the matter and when God told them what the name of their company was to be, they would know that they were on the right track.

Later that week, Ed and Deana separately wrote down the name that they had thought of for their business. Both wrote down "Trinity Transport."

"When we first started out, we prayed about what we were going to do," Banning said. "God has guided us every step of the way, starting with giving us the name. We've seen our ups and downs, but when we got down, he got us back up. This whole thing has been awesome."

That guiding hand has extended even to the writing of this book. "I really didn't have the money to pay for the copies of the book, but I went ahead and ordered them anyway," Banning said. "And lo and behold, here a couple of days later I got a check in the mail, a refund from our mortgage that we had paid off years ago. It came as a complete surprise. I know that it's not us doing all of this – it's God. He's made a way."

Banning's book, self-published and printed in Salisbury, was written with the help of Carol J. Kinsley, owner of Kinsley Communications in Seaford. Kinsley researched the Banning genealogy and starts the book with the family tree, back to the early 18th century.

Subsequent chapters describe Ed's growing up years, as well as the company that his father, Gilbert, started in 1934. The company was originally called Gilbert A. Banning Hauling; in 1942, Gilbert changed its name to Service Trucking Co. Inc.

The company hauled food from Florida and Canada and from the east coast to the mid-west. It was sold to a New Jersey company in 1966.

Gilbert was also among the partners who started Tri Gas and Oil in Federalsburg in 1963.

"For his love in serving others, God blessed Dad in many ways," Ed is quoted in the book. "I realized that I had a special dad and wanted to follow in his footsteps."

Remaining chapters describe Ed's and Deana's courtship, their marriage and growth of their family. Ed talks about dogs that he has had, and the Clydesdale horses that he raised. And of course, there's information about Trinity Logistics and how it has grown.

But the heart of the book – the theme from which it rarely strays – is the role of God in the Bannings' lives.

Ed said that one of his favorite parts of the book is about a former customer, Al Williams, who lived in Gloucester, Mass., and who hired Tri-State Trucking to transport some fish. When one of those transports didn't go as planned, Williams told Banning that he would never hire him again. That night, Banning wrote a letter to Williams, advising him that whatever troubles he was facing in his life, God would be able to help.

Following that, Williams and Banning became very good friends. Williams even used Banning's new company to transport some of his fish.

Eventually, "the two men exchanged by mail hundreds of hand-written and typed pages of theoretical, philosophical and political views, plus a wide variety of Bible references, along with each other's observations of daily life," Kinsley wrote.

Excerpts from some of Williams' letters are reprinted in the book. They talk about how to maintain Christian principles, especially in operating a business.

"That to me really expresses the heart of things," Banning said. "That, I think, is the most important message that people can take from this book."

For your information "A Family, a FirmDedicated to the Glory of God," is available at Trinity Logistics, 50 Fallon Ave., Seaford. Cost is $20. For information, or to arrange to pick up a copy, call author Ed Banning, 262-0659.

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