Food truck feeds military, volunteers during water crisis

By Scott Bleile

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, the Seaford High School food truck visited Blades Volunteer Fire Company to show appreciation for all the work that has been done by the military and state officials during the Blades water crisis. Second graders from Blades Elementary School also presented a big thank you banner to the servicemen and volunteers.

The food truck was run by the high schools nutrition services staff. Director of Food Services Bill Mengel and SHS Principal Terry Carson and Blades Town Administrator Vikki Prettyman were on hand to thank the service members and volunteers.

The Seaford School Districts Nutrition Services Department provided over 25 hot meals to the great servicemen of the National Guard and the Blades volunteer firefighters who came to the aid of the Town of Blades residents, said Mengel. The menu consisted of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, chicken patty sandwiches and spicy chicken sandwiches.Also served were baked beans, cole slaw, fresh chilled vegetables, big chocolate chip cookies, bags of chips, fresh whole fruits.Plenty of flavored bottled beverages, iced teas and juices were on hand to wash it all down. Their service during the past week and a half has not gone unnoticed and is much appreciated.We wanted to make sure that these fine people were acknowledged and fueled up for their continued call of service to the Town of Blades. We were proud to support themon Tuesday.It was an honor and our pleasure.

The idea was planted by a local citizen. On Feb. 13, I got a text from my friend Kathy Dickerson asking if Seaford High School could help with feeding our National Guard and first responders with the Blades water situation, said Principal Carson.

I thought for a moment about how best to make this happen - FAD food truck became the solution.I called Dr. Kevin Carson, who is the director for nutrition services for approval.I talked to Mr. Mengel, who is the supervisor and I talked to Mr. Romel, who is my kitchen manager at Seaford High School.All three told me if it is good for our community they are on board to help. I asked if we could do a food truck lunch and take it to Blades Fire Hall.

This event was a team effort. Everyone said yes immediately and within an hour I was sent the menu, Carson added. I called Kathy back and said we are all in and here is the menu.

I thought to myself, this is the best thing about living and working in the Seaford - Blades Community. We are like a big family and we all jump in and help. Ms. Vikki Prettyman, Blades town manager, Mr. Bethard, DNREC and Mr. Willey from the National Guard were all waiting for us when we drove up in the Food Truck. The water team responders came out and I could see the surprise on their faces with the wonderful quality of our school lunch.They must have liked it because many came back for seconds.Many times, adversity brings people together which I think is a way of re-focusing all of us, so our concentration becomes whats really important - community, family and positive connections.Our food truck delivery exemplified all three of these elements.

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