Delmar Joint Council discusses plans for public safety building

By Mike McClure

The Delmar Joint Council discussed proposed change orders for the new public safety building during Monday's meeting. The developer of Heron Ponds also presented plans for the housing development and amphitheater.

Council received a request for a total of $4,933.60 in additional costs through change orders for the construction of the new public safety building.

Construction at the site of the former town hall is currently taking place to allow the town's police department to move in to the building.

While the change orders call for no change in structure to the building's design, the change orders would have reduced the amount of available funds for future additions to $13,900 for the remainder of the project.

Council members and commissioners questioned some of the proposed changes, including the expansion of the police chief's office. Commission President Carl Anderton said the only changes that should be made is to the public areas of the building. The plans for the building had already been approved by the Joint Council.

Council voted, 9-1, to approve the change order as amended with only changes to public areas being approved. Members of the Joint Council also asked that Police Chief Hal Saylor and the contractor, Chris Walter, be at any future meeting if additional change orders are filed so that council members can be told why the changes are necessary.

Heron Ponds developer Doug Marshall discussed open space plans for the housing development and presented his concept plan for the amphitheater.

The council will vote on a proposal to allow a mix of R2 and R4 zoning in the development during next month's meeting, which will take place Dec. 17.

In the meantime, the Delmar Commission (Md.) came to a consensus to allow Marshall to have five more building permits until the ordinance is passed. Marshall reported that five original homes and two of three spec homes have been sold and that two additional homes have been pre sold.

Marshall's concept plan for the amphitheater includes soccer and softball fields. He also plans to cover the berm area as much as possible (in addition to covering the stage). The parking area for concerts and sporting events will be covered with mulch with a stone road to the main building.

Marshall said his priority for the amphitheater is to build the covered stage, berm, shell, and office. He said he eventually wants to be able to close off the amphitheater so he can hold events in the winter. Marshall is looking for feedback on his concept plan so he can form a preliminary plan.

The town has decided to discontinue the Delmar Revitalization Committee. Those decisions will now be made by the town. It is up to the Delmar Joint Council whether or not to continue to have Heritage Day (which the Delmar Revitalization Committee was in charge of with help from the town's employees). If Heritage Day continues, it would be run by the town, which would also reach out to community organizations for help.

The Delmar Council also voted, 5-0, to approve the revised sign package for Advanced Auto Parts, which includes a monument sign and a wall sign.

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