Thursday, October 11, 2018
Doctor's Perspective
Bath 'Bombs' could endanger your health

By Dr. Anthony Policastro
Chemistry lab was often entertaining. Watching two chemicals cause a visible reaction was fun. We all learned that if you mixed an acid with a base you could see a reaction. For example, citric acid, which is found in citrus fruits, is a weak acid. Sodium bicarbonate is a base. We know it better as baking soda. When the two are mixed together, they react. One of the things they form is sodium citrate. You might know it better as the material that is put into blood collection tubes to keep blood from clotting. The other thing it forms is carbon dioxide. We know carbon dioxide in a solution forms bubbles. It causes the fizz in soda. Some companies are making money off this chemical reaction. They sell them in the form of a "bath bomb." It is the carbon dioxide that makes the bath water fizz. So basically you can go out and spend money on a bath bomb, which will give you water fizzing with carbon dioxide. I'll bet that sounds like a whole lot of fun. If that was all there was to it, then it might be just a waste of money. However, manufacturers add other ingredients. Some of the ingredients are not always the safest thing to use. They use things to give it "fragrance." We sometimes forget that the things that smell good are not always as good as they smell. For example, about 95% of synthetic fragrances are made from crude oil. You have an opportunity to help support the oil exporting countries by using it. Some of the chemicals that cause the fragrance are known to interfere with the endocrine system. We don't know what amount might cause problems. What we do know is that some of these chemicals increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes. Other chemicals increase your risk for breast cancer and infertility. Most of the chemicals are inappropriate for young children who have a large skin area that can absorb things better than adults. Pregnant women should be aware of the dangers to unborn children. The specific ingredients are usually not listed on the label, which usually just says something like "fragrance oils." This can include any of about 3,000 chemicals. Some ingredients are more dangerous than others. Some can affect the kidneys, the respiratory system or the nervous system. Unfortunately, you won't know which ones you are getting. The food dyes used in bath bombs also can be absorbed into the body. We know that food dyes cause a variety of issues in humans. Again, we are not sure of what the dose is that does that. However, one can assume that the more you use something the more danger there is. A related issue is that skin disruptions such as rashes and cuts allow more of the toxic materials to enter the body through the open skin. Bathing with foreign substances increases the risk of urinary tract infections and vaginal yeast infections. The glitter used in some of the preparations does not go well with drainage pipes and can cause clogs. There is some good news. Most of theses things are relatively rare. However, skin irritation and allergic reactions to the ingredients are common. These are obvious enough to tell the individual not to use it any longer. The next time you are interested in watching a chemical reaction, you might be better off in the chemistry laboratory than you are in the bathtub.

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