Thursday, May 15, 2014
Doctors Perspective

Your choice in foods helps control weight

By Dr. Anthony Policastro

Computers provide us with a lot of information. There are multiple opportunities to use the Internet for health information. Most restaurant chains have their dietary information available on the Internet. It makes sense to review that information before you go out to eat. Sometimes what you find may surprise you. For example, suppose you wanted to have steak at a local steak restaurant like Texas Roadhouse. A sirloin steak of about 8 ounces would contain about 550 calories. If you decided to have a pair of yeast rolls with that steak, they would each contain about 227 calories. That means you would get as many calories from the two rolls as you would from the steak. You might decide to go to Olive Garden. While there you might select a salad with your meal. The house salad without croutons will provide 110 calories. If you decided to choose the Caesar salad instead, that would give you 560 calories. You might decide to stop at Paneras for a cup of soup. The chicken noodle soup would have 80 calories in it. On the other hand, if you chose New England clam chowder, you would get 480 calories per cup. These are just three examples of how choosing what you eat without some background knowledge can increase the number of calories significantly. You might think that it only makes a few hundred calories difference in each case. However, those calories quickly add up. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. Over 50% of the population eats out twice a week or more. That means if an individual has 200 extra calories twice a week, he/she will have 400 extra calories per week. That comes out to 2,400 calories per month or 3,600 calories every 6 weeks. The result will be a weight gain of 8 pounds every year. On the other hand, if someone decides to change eating habits and eat 200 calories less twice per week, they will lose 8 pounds per year. This really has very little to do with eating less. It is more about eating smart. The computer and the Internet can clearly be your friend. The next time you decide to go out to eat, plan what you are ordering ahead of time. Make sure you look at the entire menu. Side dishes like yeast rolls can increase calories very quickly. Decide what you are going to order ahead of time. Then when you get there make sure you stick to the plan. You can decide if you want to gain 8 pounds a year or lose 8 pounds a year. The Internet can help with that decision.

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