Thursday, July 31, 2014
Doctor's Perspective
The many 'dys' causes for learning issues

By Dr. Anthony Policastro
I spend a lot of time evaluating children with learning related issues in school. Most of them come to see me because of concerns about ADHD. However, ADHD does not cause learning issues by itself. Most of the children who have poor grades also have a learning disorder. Most people are familiar with dyslexia which causes issues in reading. I have written in the past that dyslexia is just a symptom. There are many causes of poor reading that all result in reading issues. Thus, dyslexia is not really a diagnosis. There is usually a specific cause of the reading problems. The term dyslexia comes from the words "lex" meaning reading and "dys" meaning problems with it. We know a number of items that begin with the prefix "dys." They include dysfunction, dysphagia, dysentery and muscular dystrophy. What many people do not realize is that there are many other learning disorders besides dyslexia. For example, dysgraphia refers to a problem writing. Individuals with this have unreadable handwriting. They may have issues figuring out what to put on paper and even when they do write it down, it does not come out grammatically correct. I knew a hand surgeon. He was an excellent surgeon technically. I traveled from South Carolina to Washington, D.C. to have him operate on my finger. However, his handwriting was so bad, no one could read it. It was not a motor control issue. He had no problems with fine motor skills in the operating room. They decided to give him a typewriter to type his notes. The notes still came out garbled. It was an issue with getting the ideas down on paper. A related, but obviously different condition is dyspraxia. This is the ability to do things with the correct amount of motor control. These individuals may also have writing issues. However, it is more because they cannot control their pen. They also might have issues with balance or coordination of other types. Some individuals have a condition called dyscalculia. This refers to an inability to do math. It is not that they have a hard time doing calculations. A lot of people have that issue. Thank goodness for calculators for that group of individuals. As a matter of fact about 1/3 of the population will tell you that they cannot do math. They are exaggerating. They understand math concepts but they just need help with actual calculations. Dyscalculia exists in less than 5% of the population. These individuals do not get math at all. They do not understand the concepts. It is not a calculation problem. It is an understanding problem. They also tend to have issues with understanding time. Time zones will be a disaster for them. They have issues with money. They might not be able to figure out how much change they are supposed to get and they will have trouble balancing their checkbook. It is a pervasive issue. Unfortunately, most of these individuals will not really outgrow their problem.

They will carry it into adulthood like my orthopedist friend. We need to realize that everyone is different. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. In addition to dyslexia, there are many other "dys" issues. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for other topics, send an email to Dr. Anthony Policastro at

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