Thursday, December 22, 2016
Delaware coalition looks to encoourage children to enjoy outdoors
In an effort to encourage more Delaware children to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor related activity year-round, the Delaware Children in Nature Coalition will be highlighting an outdoor theme of the month beginning January 2017. Using the Delaware Children in Nature Bill of Rights as a template, an outdoor Right will be selected each month. The initiative will continue until October 2017. October is Children in Nature Month. The Delaware Children in Nature Bill of Rights is a list of 10 outdoor Rights that all children are entitled to. These rights include: Go Outside and Play, Climb a Tree, Plant a Seed, Catch a Fish, and more. A list of themes and their corresponding months can be found at The goal of this initiative is to engage children with their surroundings by providing meaningful outdoor experiences and promoting healthy lifestyles through outdoor activity.

First Day Hikes hosted by Delaware State Parks will kick-off this 10-month initiative on January 1. Events will be advertised on the Delaware Children in Nature Facebook page and the Children in Nature Twitter page (@DelawareCIN) where you will be invited to like and follow. The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition sees Delaware as a leader in environmental education for Delawares youth. The coalition welcomes the community, businesses and other organizations to participate in the state-wide initiative to get children outdoors and in nature. Organizations or groups that have existing programs that connect with healthy outdoor activity and getting outside, or an educational program involving a Children in Nature Bill of Right, can learn more about joining the coalition by contacting Franchesca Garland at or (302) 739-9221.