Thursday, June 07, 2018
Doctors Perspective
Loss aversion

By Dr. Anthony Policastro
There is an important psychological term called loss aversion which refers to a piece of human nature. We are more likely to be upset over losing something than we are to be excited over winning the same amount. For example, we would welcome a $100 windfall, however, we would be far more upset about losing $100. Many individuals do not budget for major expenses like a house repair, car repair or having to purchase a new appliance. These expenses happen to all of us so we should expect them and plan for them in advance. However, when these things happen, many individuals become very upset. It is like losing money. If they had budgeted in advance, it would be less of an issue. We do not recognize it but this attitude is a result of human evolution. In the early days of man, the loss of a days hunt could mean starvation for the family. The genes for this led to man being hard wired to avoid loss. What we do not often realize is that there are people who prey on us by using this. For example, my wife and I attended a time share presentation recently. We declined the offer. At the end of the presentation, the salesman told us that he was going to write declined on the paper and we would never again have the opportunity for the offer. He was appealing to our loss aversion. He tried to make it seem like we were going to lose an opportunity but it was nothing more than another sales pitch. However, if we were very loss averse, it might have hit a nerve. Politicians use this all the time. If you do not vote for me, you will lose what you currently have. I am the only one that can allow you to keep it. That is especially true for politicians with a narcissistic tendency. That is not because they say the same thing. It is because they actually believe it. In their mind, they are the only ones who can guarantee that your future will not be faced with loss. The most obvious example is in relation to taxes. It may be income tax raises or sales tax raises. It may be other forms of taxation. All are viewed as a loss of money that we currently have. It does not matter whether the money will buy something for us down the road. We would rather save the $100 now than get the same $100 later. We all have loss aversion to some degree. We just do not always recognize it.

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